The ninth Agile principle quotes verbatim:

"Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility"

It is here that we intervene to support organizations in identifying and concretely adopting the most innovative technical and technological solutions that best suit the specific context.

HyperStep, HYPERthinking, HYPERtech adn HYPERcloud helps accelerate a firm the innovation processes, providing the tools to quickly validate hypotheses.

HYPERsteps is our innovative platform created to support organizations in embroidering Agility on their context.


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hearunderstand the current Culture to identify an effective path of change


identify the desired improvement actions and the related metrics


rapidly experimentation to achieve the specific objectives

evaluateevaluate the results according to the evidence and the chosen metrics

raiseadopt the practice at all organizational and operational levels


It is a pragmatic approach of adopting Agile, Lean and DevOps practices in which the hypotheses are validated through Actionable Metrics that allow to prove the practices that best fit the specific context in a holistic way.

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Beating heart of HYPERStep is HYPERarchiteture, the Enterprise Agility Architecture designed to harmonize the 4 fundamental pillars for changes, HYPERpillars:

peoplePeopleHolistic Initiatives Vision

People are at the center of the transformation action, developing a new organizational culture based on shared objectives rather than on the formal hierarchy.

improvementImprovement, Adapt to market changes 

Continuously exploring and internalizing new practices allows you to strengthen current distinctive elements and change those that have proved unsatisfactory.

approachesApproaches, Change starting from success experiences 

Methodologies, Practices and Framework help in identifying the solutions that best suit the specific context, always according to the objectives to be pursued.

technologiesTechnologiesUsing the last technologies innovations

Technological Platforms and Tools are fundamental assets for automating processes and reducing waste associated with manual errors, allowing people to be employed in more noble tasks.

These pillars are developed through three named primary services HYPERservices:


Learn, Knowledge Transfer Solutions

The training actions are customized according to specific needs, actively involving the participants with Gamification activities in an immersive way.

discoverDiscover, Assessment Solutions

Through one or more in-depth workshops, a photograph of the organizational culture in place is created, which outlines its main features and the objective degree of maturity.

transformTransform, Coaching and Transformation Solutions

The Change Management action exploits a Scientific Approach by supporting various types of organizations and application areas in a structured way.

aldo hyperthinking

With HYPERthinking 'innovation comes out of the Land of Thought and it is possible to scientifically validate the market prospects of a new initiative, product and change. But ideas are nothing without a technical-technological concretization and this is where our HYPERtech solution comes into play, designed to balance the need for efficient and effective processes with the ability to constantly innovate the heart of the product, that is its technological soul.

From the architectural to the design aspects, our experts use the most renowned platforms to realize the wishes of our customers, creating applications multi-platform that guarantee a native experience on every device, exploiting the same skills to create outsourced solutions for customers, always inspired by Agile Values ​​and Principles.

A company that looks to innovation cannot fail to look to the cloud, and HYPERcloud is the ideal platform that supports you step by step in evaluating the importance of the data collected and in using them to the fullest, with the clear vision that data is the currency of the future.

Public, private, hybrid, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, however it may be, the Cloud represents a fundamental point of transformation for companies, it allows an important cost reduction, it offers the possibility, with the same resources, to introduce innovative technologies as platforms into the company IoT, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Xebir has an important experience in this field, with particular focus on multi cloud management and on the development of cloud native applications by exploiting the new methods and systems of container-based and microservices as well as serverless methodologies.

Through its Original Business Games, Xebir supports organizations in the discovery of innovative approaches embroidered on their needs, putting participants in the ideal conditions to become innovators and deepen specific issues central to the Agile, Lean and DevOps world.


NAVY vs PIRATES… an Apple story
mac team

Inspired by the history of the Macintosh and Apple, this Business Game allows you to experience how a company in plaster and concerted on itself quickly loses its goal of satisfying the customer and, almost always, the only way to get back on the right tracks that of "breaking the rules".


gates pc ibm

Inspired by the birth of MS-DOS and the rise of Microsoft, this Business Game allows you to develop the Inception phase of a new initiative by touching on themes and tools that will allow you to develop an overview of the same, create a shared business model it is comprensible.


OPERATION CRUSH… an Intel story

andrew grove okrThis Business Game is inspired by the managerial approach of Andrew Grove, Intel CEO, simulating the creation of a series of OKRs that allow you to face the challenges inherent in a challenging Vision and Strategy, able to push People beyond their own. visible limits thanks to the 4 superpowers of the OKRs.


INDUSTRY 4.0... turn on the light!

turnonthelight icon

This Business Game allows you to touch the key principles of Industry 4.0 first hand, through an in-depth path that highlights the organizational and technological approaches, and then focus on an engaging practical experiment.

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