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Xebir, reinvent your approach to the business(c)

HYPERsteps, Business Agility Platform

HYPERsteps is our innovative platform created to support organizations in embroidering Agility on their own context, taking advantage of the experience and history characterizing the specific context.

HYPERtech, Tech Agility Platform

From the architectural to the design aspects, our experts use the most renowned platforms to realize the wishes of our customers and, in turn, of their users.

HYPERgames, Original Business Games

Through its Original Business Games, Xebir supports organizations in the discovery of innovative approaches embroidered on their needs.

Change is the only permanent thing and uncertainty is the only certainty

We live in a dynamic and ever-changing world

Our services help organizations to become dynamic, with tangible benefits in the solutions implemented, thanks to a process of transformation and innovative technologies that support them in a path of continuous adaptation.










The values that distinguish our company

Be Passionate and Determined

Create the WOW Moment!

Embrace and Stimulate Change

Create Fun and Safety Environment

Be Foolish, Creative, and Open-Minded

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

Do More With Less

Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

Be Humble

Pursue Growth and Learning

PMI DA Certifications e PMP Certification

  • Scrum, Lean & DevOps workshop & certifications
  • Agile Management workshop
  • Agile Architecture workshop
  • Agile Management workshop
  • Industry 4.0, AgileBIM & AgileIoT workshop
  • Lean Change Management workshop
  • Design Thinking workshop
  • Lean Startup workshop
  • Agile Contracts workshop
  • Microsoft Technologies workshop
  • Azure DevOps workshop

Original Business Game: Navy vs Pirates… an Apple story, Follow your Sensation… a Microsoft story, DevOps@Play with Lego, Industry 4.0.. turn on the light!, Discover yourself, Disciplined Agile with Lego


Do You Need Any Help?

Our business coaches are at your disposal for every need and curiosity


Reason why us

Professionalism, experience and the ability to activate a network with professionals able to create the right team for every need.


new fields of agile application

Agile and Lean are rapidly invading the most disparate production sectors.

AgileConstellation is an open-agora created to collect the experiences of implementing Agile in different production contexts, characterized by products related to multiple disciplines in which the role of the project (as a mainstream of activities of which the product is one of the outputs) is still fundamental.

AgileIoT suggests workflows and practices to manage, coordinate and implement projects related to the world of IoT and IIoT in an Agile and Lean perspective. AgileIoT looks at them holistically, suggesting an approach where different elements are considered part of an integrated process.

AgileBIM proposes operational solutions to approach BIM by marrying an Agile mindset. The aspects characterizing both approaches are thus harmonized: the collaboration between all the interested figures in the different phases of the life cycle of a structure and the digital sharing of data.

AgileEngineering operationally supports engineering teams in adopting a "succeeding fast" logic, focused on the development of complex systems on cohesive developments. This approach is focused on specific objectives that develop on elements that can be validated in the short, medium and long term.


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